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Recording and trading policy:

From their www.archive.org listing:

Sweating Honey allows non-commercial audio and video taping as well as
still photography. Anyone wishing to do so is more than welcome, just
respect the wishes of the band as well as the rules of the house.

1. Audience taping: We don't set up a taper section. If you do tape we
are concerned that your taping does not interfere with other audience
members in any way. Some venues are more compatible to the physical set
up of microphones than others, but this is often the best way to record
this band at a small venue.
2. Board Patches will be given if the board has proper facility to so.
3. Anyone wishing to tape off the board should check with the sound man
at the mix at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the show.

Sweating Honey also allows non commercial trading, archiving and radio
play. Please spread the music freely.

Taping is a privilege not a right. Please be respectful.

We also give permission for Archive.org to archive our shows for public
download and noncommercial, royalty-free circulation.
John @(-_-)@
Sweating Honey Sound Scientist 

temporary alt website while official one is in prep:

John also replied when asked about band's opinion of supplemental mp3 on site:

NO MP3. No lossy formats. Please preserve the quality of music. When
MP3's are made and distributed, they find their way into circulation
and will be copied eventually. People who burn MP3's normally don't
care about source or quality and will copy those disks and pass them
into circulation. MP3 Source copies WILL RUIN the pool of good quality
recordings when they get traded. MP3's completely undermine the
efforts of ETREE. Again...NO MP3. MP3's are very bad. PLEASE SUPPORT
ETREE and their efforts.

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